Friday, September 26, 2014

A Taste of Italy on My Special Day

It's Friday so it is time trip Friday! Like I said in my previous post about the app for the foodie, we love to eat out especially on special occasions. Today's post was our latest excursion which was extra-special because it was my birthday which happened earlier this month.

I am a lover of pasta or anything Italian; something that I have in common with my two boys - my husband and my son to be precise. So it is no surprise if among the many cuisines there is in the city, we went to an Italian restaurant which is probably one of the popular if not the most popular in the country: Olive Garden.

And like I said in the post, we go to a different restaurant every time we go out. Needless to say, it was our first time to sample Olive Garden, and of course, the foods did not disappoint, and the service...excellent!

A complimentary wine that the husband and I shared. I am not a wine person compared to the hubs so I only took a few sips of this. Good wine though.

Their house salad was perhaps the biggest salad serving that I've ever seen. Seriously. We didn't even eat it all. There would not have been enough room for our entree' if we had.

The little one's chosen appetizer, as always, wherever we go and it's available, Calamari.

Hubby's Classic Lasagna

My stuffed mushrooms plus ravioli and zucchini.

And a little dessert treat (a very nice surprise) for me from Olive Garden, Piccoli Dolci. This was heavenly. Really. I let the boys taste it too and they agreed with me.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the little one's chosen entree' which was the spaghetti and meat balls because he was already gobbling before I knew it. He must have been really hungry. Hee-hee.

What are your favorite cuisines? Do you like Italian too?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Will He Include Me in this Dream of His?

Whenever we are on the road or parked in a parking lot, seeing his dream car never fails to delight him. You know that look of a little boy that just got an ice cream cone? That's the look on his face. And I am not talking about my 11-year-old son here, just to be clear, but my husband. He sure is drooling and slobbering over a Dodge Challenger. It's what he said is a real hot rod. I can't blame him. Look at the photo. It sure looks fancy and very manly (if you can use that adjective to describe a car). You know what I mean.

 Photo from Photobucket

I can just imagine the look on his face if ever he got himself one (once we win the lottery, that is). His jaw would probably drop, literally. It will for sure be his new baby or maybe wifey? That could happen. Even now that he's only dreaming about it, he really talks positively that he is going to have one someday. He's a dreamer, you know, and a big dreamer at that.

He's had this love of the Challenger since he was a teen and saw the movie Vanishing Point which featured a souped-up Dodge Challenger. I watched the movie with him once and never figured out what the big deal was. His explanation was that it was a “man thing,” whatever that means.

He talks about going pedal to the metal, adding fancy accessories (wonder if fast n loud led bars are included on his list of must-haves?) and taking a long road trip somewhere. Well, boys and their toys.