Monday, July 28, 2014

Virginia Welcome Center

Me and my son arrived here in the U.S. in the fall of 2010. After only a few months of being here, we made our first major road trip or first family vacation in mid 2011. June, to be exact. I never thought we would actually do it, but my husband was so eager to go and wasn't thinking about himself when he decided, he was thinking of me. Why? We are going to attend my Alma Mater's Grand Alumni Reunion in Springfield, Virginia. It was the actual purpose of the trip but I still considered it a family vacation because we got to be together and saw places.

Today I will start by talking about the trip from the very beginning. It happened in 2011 alright, but I just realized that I haven't talked about it here yet. And browsing the photos in our personal computer today made me nostalgic.

Springfield, Virginia is an 8-hour drive from our city. When the husband told me about it, I was like, wow! But it was my first major road trip so I was more than excited.

On the day of the road trip itself, we left as early as 5 o'clock in the morning so we will get to the hotel in Springfield just in time for us to check in. Check in time is at 3 o'clock and we arrived there at past 1 o'clock which was just perfect. Hubby had time to relax a bit from driving 8-hour straight and we got to hung out at the hotel lobby.

It was just after sunrise when we reached the Virginia Welcome Center. I wanted to have a photo at the signage as remembrance so there you go. The main reason for the stop was the photo and not because of nature calling. Har.

We stayed there for a while and looked around. There's my boys checking the map. Guess what they were pointing at? To where we were headed, that is.

Our little tourist after checking all the free goodies. It looked like he didn't find anything that caught his fancy.

We hit the road again after a few minutes. More about the trip next time.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

If I Do Business With You, Please Talk to Me Person-to-Person

I love how things are so convenient now compared to before. Among all, my most favorite is...guess what? Shopping online of course! And although I have came across certain dilemmas with my orders in the past, I still continue to shop online because I do believe certain problems can happen since nothing is perfect after all. Also, they were not too big of a problem and best of all, they were settled and fixed eventually so no biggy.

And don't you just love those toll-free numbers that they have on their sites. It makes things easier when you actually talk to somebody, an actual person to voice your problems to rather than listening to a recorded voice and punching phone buttons instead of talking.

So when I read this line...To place your order, call us toll-free at 800-449-9128 at one of the music stores that I came across, I was more than glad. For sure their customers are happy for that too. Not all online stores have a toll-free number and I do hope they will think of having one. As a customer, I do know how important and convenient it is to have one.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Schiele: Museum of Natural History

For his 11th Birthday in March, we surprised our son with a trip to a museum and planetarium. We went to 'The Schiele' in Gastonia, North Carolina which is located about an hour and a half drive from our city.

We went there two days after his birthday which was a Sunday. We took his buddy with him and we left around mid-morning. The museum opened at 1 o'clock so we went to Charlotte, North Carolina first. We checked Ikea and had our lunch there. Bought some things and headed to the museum right in time before they opened.

The Schiele signage located right at the entrance.

This was located in the lobby near the rest rooms. I love that poster. It would be nice to have it inside our home for some nature feel.

Right in the lobby. The huge dinosaur welcomed us with open arms.

My son and his friend (in purple hoodie) checking things out and talking about it. They were definitely in awe.

There were a lot to see in the museum. The bird is just one of them.


Mammoth - this was really huge!

Grizzly Bear

More animals

Before we checked the entire museum, we watched a show in the planetarium first called "Red Starr's Solar System Roundup." As described by their website, it is an up-to-date program about the planets that features images from the latest fleet of spacecraft exploring our neighborhood in outer space.

Have you been to The Schiele? It is really a great place to be in not only for kids but for adults as well. I definitely enjoyed it as much as the kids.