Thursday, August 21, 2014

Touring Downtown Washington, D.C.

The four-day alumni reunion was packed with activities. Second on the list - which happened the next day after we had the registration as soon as we arrived at Hilton Hotel, and met each and everyone at the Welcome Party hosted by one of the Alumnae - was touring downtown Washington, D.C.

The capital city of the United States is only about twenty minute drive from the hotel so we were there before we knew it. The organization rented two tour buses and some of the members rode in their cars. We would rather ride in the bus because of the traffic in D.C. Saves the husband from the hassle too.

It was mine and my son's first time in Washington, D.C. so I was really ecstatic and amazed of what I saw. I think our son felt the same way because he kept on pointing at beautiful structures. The buildings were really nice and the city is clean. The feeling of being there was also very overwhelming. I've taken a bunch of photos while the bus was running and I am sharing some of them today.

There's one...

...and another one...

...and more...

...and much more.

I used to remember the name of some of those buildings because of the signage that I made a point to check, but I've forgotten them now because it has been two years already. If you happen to know, please do share.

We toured the city for like twenty minutes and after that, we went to one of the most if not the most famous structure or landmark there is. Got any clue? Bet you do! And...I will talk about that next time.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Home in Springfield, Virginia

Only for four days though and how I wish it was much longer than that. Or better yet, how I really wish our bedroom is as comfy and beautiful as that one. Dream on!

The Hilton Hotel in Springfield, Virginia was the hotel that we stayed in when we had our first major road trip which I started talking about here and here. It was the chosen hotel of the committee.

As you remember on my first post, the main reason that we had the trip was to attend my Alma Mater's Alumni Reunion or the Notre Dame Dadiangas University Biennial Alumni Reunion. All of the alumni members who attended the reunion stayed in the same hotel. It was only a few minutes from Washington, D.C. which we toured later on. It was part of the reunion's itinerary and I'm going to talk about that soon.

In the meantime, here's our room. SO beautiful and SO comfy!

I wonder what kind of mattresses and pillows they used. They were just SO soft. Also, everything in that room was so neat and clean. We had our own coffee maker and enjoyed coffee every morning in the comfort of our room.

We also had a huge T.V. and enjoyed cable T.V. My son was the boss when it came to the remote control during our stay and it was on Nickelodeon most of the time.

There's the hubs modeling the exterior of the hotel. I forgot exactly our room number and which floor our room was.

I also forgot to take a photo of our bathroom which was also very nice. Oh well, maybe next time that we get to stay at a Hilton Hotel again. When will that be? Only time will tell. Wink wink!

The hotel is right in the middle of Springfield, Virginia. There is a mall right across the street which we browsed in between meetings with the other alumni members.

That was really a fun and great stay at that hotel. I can't wait to go back.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tennessee Welcome Center

Okay, I've messed up. I totally forgot about this one until I browsed our photos again today. Actually, before arriving at Virginia Welcome Center which I talked about previously, we stopped by at the Tennessee Welcome Center first. We live in North Carolina so Tennessee is definitely the one we're going to pass by first in going north.

We left home early in the morning and as you can see, the sun didn't rise yet. It was just starting to show up which is definitely a beautiful sight.

The Tennessee Welcome Center. I love the architecture of the building which is made of stone. See that little boy in blue? That's the little one trying to make himself busy by reading a paper (forgot which one exactly) that he got from one of those freebie containers outside of the center. I guess this welcome center was about an hour drive from home. Forgot exactly - I should have made notes.

And there's the model of the signage. Har. The little one took this photo. It wasn't one of the best photos of me, but it's the only one I've got showing the signage so, I think that will do. (",)

This is only the second part of this series of our first major road trip. Until our next stop.