Monday, October 20, 2014

"Big Driver" Drove Me to be a King Fan

During weekdays when both my husband and my son are at work and in school respectively, I busy myself by doing online tasks and household chores. Once I'm done with everything that I plan to do for the day, I then entertain myself by watching shows that I watch regularly on our new TV before it's time to get busy again in preparing dinner.

One of my favorite channels is Lifetime. But I must admit, I only came across this channel while I was browsing and flipping through the channels one day and saw Grey's Anatomy on. I had heard a lot about the show but I hadn't seen an episode so I had this urge to watch it and have been glued ever since. The channel shows reruns of the show and three episodes are shown every afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago a movie by Stephen King entitled Big Driver was advertised. It was going to air on Lifetime. The husband being a fanatic Stephen King follower, I made a note of when it was going to be shown and at what time. The clips of the movie shown on TV were what I consider a little scary and a bit disturbing, and not my kind of film to watch, but since the husband is a fan, I thought, why not watch it.

And yesterday, both the husband and I watched it. It was aired on Saturday night at 8 o'clock in the evening but the husband decided to record it on the DVR and watch it the following day. Our Saturdays are busy and we feel it is always best to watch a movie on a lazy Sunday.

After only a few minutes of watching the film, something dawned upon me. The story plot seemed familiar.  And then I realized, I had read the the book that I had given the husband as a gift on my first Christmas here in the US. It had been four years since I read the story so I think it's only normal that I'd forgotten about it, right? I really don't have memory gap yet, for certain. Wink wink! And the husband had totally forgotten about it too. Well, at least I wasn't alone. #harhar

Here's the book. We paused the film during a commercial break and checked the book.

And...we both exclaimed..."We did read it!" We were both amused.

The book Full Dark, No Stars is composed of four novellas. All four stories are typical Stephen King fare which can be strange and scary and thrilling. Big Driver is a story where you grit your teeth for the abuse being done, but would lighten your face up after the revenge was taken. I know revenge is not always a good thing, but when you see somebody being abused like that, you would be glad if the victim would come back with such a sweet revenge.

The film was visual, as far as I am concerned, and there were times actually that I had to cover my eyes because I didn't want to see what's going to happen next. I am a scaredy cat like that. That's why I don't like those kind of films. But, surprisingly to me,  I enjoyed the film. It was interesting to say the least. I think I am ready to watch another Stephen King film. The hubs would surely be glad to know that. And seeing that a movie based on the hub's most favorite ever King book, The Stand, is in the process of being made, I know that will be the next one I see. Maybe... there's already a movie out right now based on A Good Marriage, another one of the novellas in Full Dark, No Stars.

Are you a Stephen King fan too? Any latest movie that was based on his work been on your viewing list?

Friday, October 17, 2014

It May be the Fall, But We Love Our Chilly Treats

What is you favorite dessert? Us? Let the photos below do the talking.

There is no night that we don't have it a few minutes or an hour after dinner. The night seems not complete and our tummies seem not contented without it. So yeah, we scream for ice cream!

I wasn't paid to do this but with all honesty, these are the brands that we love and are so loyal about - Breyers and Haagen Dazs respectively. What can I say? For us, they are the creamiest and the yummiest!

Coffee! Gotta have my coffee! This is my favorite flavor among the flavors that Breyers has. If the weather is hot, I can eat the whole box, you know? Even with my little bitty tummy storage space at that. You know that storage that I talked about before? And there's no question about the husband. He could even finish two boxes off in one night. Or maybe three?

The Breyers Gelato Indulgences just came out a month or so ago  and I was so delighted to see the Tiramisu. I love Tiramisu and for an ice cream, I knew I wouldn't go wrong. It tasted heavenly!

I forgot to take photos of the hubs' favorite flavors which are the Breyers Blasts Waffle Cone with Chocolate Chips and the Breyers Heath.

Can you say I am a coffee addict? You betcha! These little ones were a surprise from the hubs. He knew how I love Haagen Dazs and this flavor.

This Haagen Dazs Gelato is a newcomer and I told the hubs I want to try it as soon as I saw it in an advertisement on TV. One day, he just surprised me. He can be the sweetest. I think eating ice cream every night has a great influence on that. Wink! 

 I know a lot of people love ice cream. Are you one of them? What's you favorite brand or flavor?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Santa Doesn't Need a Haloween Costume

We went to the Dollar Store yesterday to check for some Halloween decors and I was surprised with what I saw. They’ve already moved the Halloween decors and put up Christmas decors already! I was surprised alright, but I was giddy too. I know I sounded chirpy when I told the husband and showed him. He just growled, though, being the ol’ Scrooge he is…LOL!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and seeing those decors yesterday got me onto the urge to decorate now. Yeah, I know, I know, it’s way too early to decorate for Christmas, but is it too early to think of Christmas gifts too? I don’t think so. So why am I talking about gifts now? One simple reason! There are a lot of good things On Sale out there right now. Not only online but in stores too. We’ve actually ordered an outerwear for the little one last night to avail of not only the sale but an additional 15% off plus free shipping. It was definitely a deal so hard to resist. I also saw something for the hubs – a thing for his beloved guitar. He’d love it, for sure.

Oh, how I love the holidays. With all those sales, the holidays are definitely in the air! I can feel it!